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Certificate Template Program

We now offer full color certificates for all your certificate needs. They come 50 certificates to a bundle. You can get them as just a shell, imprinted with your Church name or imprinted and completely filled in by us. By downloading our Certificate Program, you will have the ability to quickly fill in your parishioner’s information.

We make it easier to print out your certificate with our template program. The template program sets up all the fields on the certificates to make it that much easier to print out the certificates. To get our template program, just fill out the form below.

This Template can be used for the Economy Certificate line and the Premium Full-Color Certificate line. The template will not fill in the church name and address but it will provide a template to type all of the other data necessary to complete each certificate. We offer this program free to be used with the imprinted certificates purchased from us. With so many print platforms and computer operating system we are not knowledgeable to help you install the program but the person with a working understanding of your system will be able to load it with ease.

Features of Our Certificates

  • Certificates Printed on 80lb Premium Acid Free Stock
  • Imprinted Certificate Template Program Available
  • We can imprint & complete your certificates
  • Designed to fit into a 6"x9" envelope
  • Matching bulletins available
  • Bilingual certificates available
  • Baptism certificates available in blue & pink

Download Certificate Program

Download Certificate Program Here

Instructions: (Please uninstall any previous versions before installing this updated version)

  1. After download, drag the zip file to your desktop
  2. Double-click on the zip file
  3. Run the setup.exe by double-clicking on it
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen
  5. Once complete, a shortcut will be set up on your desktop and you can begin to use the program

Full Color Certificates Available

Economy Certificates

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